Byron Bay Wedding Valet is a an essential local clothing service run by Byron Bay fashion designer Di Roberts. Di is the principal creative designer of Attitude, recognised as the leading Byron Bay boutique fashion design label.

After a lifetime designing, making, altering and repairing highest quality original fashion collections and bespoke garments, there isn't much Di doesn't know about fabrics, presentation and making clothes look their best.  

Byron Bay has become a mecca for romantic beachside weddings and many grateful clients have found it a godsend to have a reliable valet service available to ensure everytging is perfect for your special day.

Byron Bay Wedding Valet's mission is to make it easy for you to maintain your special occasion outfits, business clothes and formal wear at their best. 

Wedding dress dry cleaning and presentation of wedding formal wear are our specialty. We  allow you to relax, knowing we are working behind the scenes to give your wedding party the perfect presentation.

Client Testimonials

Attitude - Original Fashion Design

I love the pants they are a perfect fit and the fabric is amazing... I'd recommend these gorgeous pants to anyone they are sooo comfortable and love the bell bottom look this one provides, I received them Monday and wore them out on Monday! I have to say these pants make me look a whole lot thinner than I really am, ...bonus!

---Sylviane, Melbourne---

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